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Blitz: Fleet by Brian Marshall

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by Brian T. Marshall
Genre: Mythology
Published: April 19, 2017

A man, lost and naked, on the streets of Manhattan, pleading in an unknown tongue. The retired linguist who realizes it's an archaic Greek, unspoken for three thousand years. And the young woman who befriends them both, just in time for an unlikely quest. From New York to LA, Nebraska to Delphi, Fleet travels a labyrinth, with a mystery as old as mankind lying at its very heart.

Advance Praise:

Once in a while, out of the blue, you run across a brilliant book that takes you on a wild ride through an alternate world, a world that sucks you in completely and only releases you when you have turned that last page, bereft that the ride has ended, dazed in reverie at the emotions it has evoked. Fleet is one of those books. Masterfully crafted by the author, it slowly but stealthily draws you in to a fantastic tale -- one full of mystery,excitement and suspense, drenched in classic themes, awash in pathos and drama with strands of a philosophic bent interwoven. This book will stay with you for a long time. - Connie (Amazon Customer)

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Brian Marshall About the Author:
Raised by a band of feral authors hidden in the deep north woods, Brian Marshall was no ordinary child. Proper syntax flowed through his veins. Semi-colons were his crib mates. And as he grew older, he came to realize these unique gifts were meant to serve good, not evil.

Abandoning his wayward clan, he set out in search of a sensei, the fabled Tan Line, Master of Men and high priest of punctuation. Under his rigid tutelage, the boy’s talents found full flower, till the fateful day arrived when the pupil outpaced his master. Would he now rise to take that mantle? Assail the bestseller list?

Alas no. For along with great power, he had found something else. A rare prize called humility. From that day forward he would toil away in deepest obscurity. Not for him the accolades, or the tawdry lure of fame, but instead the pursuit of merest spark, to be Kindled into full flame.

For is it not written that to win the world, a wise man begins with one reader?

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