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Blog Tour Sign-Up: Blackbird (The Children of Corvus #1) by L. E. Harrison

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35602782Blackbird (The Children of Corvus #1)
by L. E. Harrison
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Published: March 6, 2016

Summary from Goodreads:
BLACKBIRD is the first book in the compelling contemporary fantasy trilogy about a tribe of shapeshifters who dwell deep within the inhospitable forest of northern Maine USA, in an hidden dimension known as Blackwater Hills.

Protected by the Great Shield, the tribe lives united in their love and reverence for the god, Corvus. The god of beasts had once bestowed a sacred gift, the ability to transform into the divine entity known as Bestiae, upon the males of this tribe. But generations of inbreeding with ordinary humans has caused the gift to become diluted and corrupted. The power of transformation has not been completely eliminated, however. What remains, triggers a curse the Sacred Order calls the blood madness.Corvus's Sacred Law proclaims that in order to ensure the safety of the tribe and guarantee that the blood madness will not be passed on to future generations, any male found guilty of having the curse must be executed.

Michael Singleton and Alena Andrick must fight to overcome the curse of the Beast God, while trying to escape the death sentence imposed by the Sacred Order.

From the Back Cover:

There is a world that exists within the world we think we know. There are gods who stay hidden from all but their descendants. One such group has lived for centuries in an isolated region of the northern Maine forest. Their surroundings are wild and harsh, a reflection of their father and creator Corvus the Beast God.

Ten years after departing this world, Michael Singleton returns to the valley nestled along the Blackwater River. Michael suffers from a rare disease, the curse of his tribe. Because of this curse, Michael's soul will be damned to wander the Shadowlands, the domain of the Witch Goddess, for eternity.

To escape this fate, Michael must unlock the spell that opens the portal to Corvus's kingdom, the Otherworld. It is a secret known to only one man, the powerful Guardian of the Dead. Michael is convinced that if he can invoke the spell and travel through the portal, he will finally be rid of his painful, debilitating torment. He cannot believe his luck when he stumbles upon the key in the form of Alena Andrick.

Alena is the only child of the Guardian of the Dead. Her safe and predictable life studying to follow in her father's footsteps, is turned upside-down when she meets Michael at the Solstice celebration. Alena is inexplicably drawn to the handsome, charismatic stranger. But when Michael is arrested and accused of murdering the Captain of the Guard, Alena is forced to choose between obeying her instincts or the laws of her people.

 Purchase Links:

Merula (The Children of Corvus #2)
Coming October 2017
What if you were a shapeshifter, but didn’t know it?
What if the man who raised you had played a part in your father’s execution?
What if you discover that the people closest to you have been lying to you all your life?

On a cold October morning in Blackwater Hills, an alternate dimension hidden deep within the inhospitable forest of northern Maine, Samuel Singleton steps outside to do his morning chores. Halfway through the days’ tasks, he becomes distracted by a woman who materializes in the forest and calls out for help. Samuel rushes toward her, and is whisked through a portal into the domain of the witch goddess known as the Shadowlands.

On a cold October evening, Cadie Maxwell, a priestess newly sworn to the Sacred Order follows what she believes is the will of the gods, flees the only home she has ever known, and embarks on a quest to find the real truth about her tribe’s Sacred Law—a law that demands that any male cursed with shapeshifting powers must be executed.

With limited knowledge of the world beyond Blackwater Hills, Cadie arrives in a small town called Ashland. She takes a job at a local bar and grill where she hears Jonathan and Sarina Lance discussing their missing father, best-selling novelist J. Lance Sr..

Cadie, Jonathan, and Sarina join forces with an eager, up-and-coming reporter on a quest to rescue J. Lance Sr..

Cadie guides the outsiders through the Great Shield (a powerful force-field that that protects her homeland) but things do not progress the way any of them expect. Anxious to find her father, Sarina breaks off from the group. The others chase after her, but find Samuel—naked and disoriented— instead.

Cadie discovers that Samuel is cursed with the shapeshifting power, and to her dismay, the council of priests votes to put her in charge of Samuel’s execution. In order to save Samuel’s life and get her friends safely back to Ashland, Cadie must expose the corruption within the priesthood, forswear her holy vows, and uncover the real truth about her gods and her tribe.

MERULA is book two in the compelling contemporary fantasy trilogy about a tribe of shapeshifters who dwell deep within the inhospitable forest of northern Maine USA, in an hidden dimension known as Blackwater Hills.
About The Author:  
L.E. HarrisonL.E. Harrison is the author of the contemporary fantasy series, The Children Of Corvus. Her poems and short stories have appeared in numerous publications, and are featured in the compilation, “From the Uncollected Thoughts Of: L.E. Harrison.” She lives in rural Pennsylvania, where she is hard at work on the next book in The Children Of Corvus Series.
Author Links:
Twitter @LEHarrison1

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