*We accept payment via PayPal invoicing.* 

 Pricing: I don't have a set price, instead I encourage Authors to pay what fits their budget and needs.

Are you looking for more exposure for your books?
Book a tour with me today
e-mail me at readingadventuresbooktours@gmail.com!

Book a custom made tour today! I custom design all graphics to match your books.

I usually run two tours a week, as well as cover reveals, trailer reveals, sale blitz, promo blitz, and release day events. If you need a certain date for a special sale or promo- I CAN do it for you!

You choose the length of your tour! 

I don't have a bunch of forms to fill out, just the one at the bottom of this page, I'll email you with the supplies I need, and I do all the work!

*A Giveaway is strongly encouraged on every tour! This gives incentive for people to stop by the tour and greatly helps generate traffic. Giveaways prizes can be gift cards, ebooks, physical books, swag, or really anything you'd like! Be creative! (Author/Publisher must supply the prize, but I'll cover setting up the giveaway.)

Well, what exactly is a tour, you're wondering?
A tour is where I spotlight your chosen books with a cover pic, description and excerpt if you choose. I also spotlight you as an author with a picture and bio as well as your social media links where you can be found prowling at. If you choose to do so, you can also feature guest posts, which is where you write a little blurb so the readers can get to know you or your books better.  If you need help finding a subject, I have a whole list of topics to help you out!

What if I want my book reviewed?
I offer the book(s) to my bloggers in case any of them would like to review and I frequently review most of the books I tour as well. Reviews will be due by the end of the tour and will be cross posted to Amazon and Goodreads!

What genres do you accept?
I accept ALL fiction gerne other than Erotic and LGBT+ focused books. I have nothing against
either, I just personally don't read them, so I do not have the right connections to best promote these books. I do accept books with LGBT+ characters, and Romance books just not books that focus on the LBGT+ community, or erotic situations.

Does my book have to be a new release?
Absolutely not! I frequently tour older books as it's a great way to gain some fresh readers and to reintroduce your book back on the market!

Ok, this sounds like a lot....
Don't worry! I make my tours as stress free as possible for authors! Simply fill out my short form, send me a hi res cover pic, excerpts and review copies and that's it-just sit back and let me do all the rest! I'll take care of absolutely everything for you and send you a tour schedule with links to all the participating blogs before the tour starts. You can choose to stop by the blogs each day and say hi, or you really don't have to! It's all up to you! Once the tour is over, I'll randomly select winners for the giveaway and give you their info. You can choose to contact them yourself, or I can take care of corresponding with winners for you. 

Ok, what's the cost?
The best thing of all- I won't charge you for the tour! Instead, I work off of tips- which means that you pay me what you want after the tour is over, depending on how happy you are with everything! 
Why do I work off "tips"? Well, I think the prices some of these other companies charge is too high! I realize just because an author has a book published does not mean they're rich. Therefore, everybody pays whatever amount they're comfortable paying without breaking their wallets. I mean you're here to get exposure to sell books to make money right?
Please realize that I do expect reasonable compensation as I run everything all by myself - from designing special graphics, formatting posts and tour kits, advertising, and enlisting bloggers to share my tours on their sites on scheduled dates. It's quite a bit of work and I spend many hours on each tour!


  1. What do you need to begin? I will send you a MOBI copy in another email. Anything else?

    1. Mobi, I prefer to have the PDF and Epub versions too if you have them (to allow for more bloggers). I also need the book cover image, a short bio about you, and any other social media and buy links you have.

      When were you wanting the tour to start? I am booking for October, so any time after the 1st of Oct is open.